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Security Services

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    Today’s challenges and needs that GRC presents to management, business and IT – Management  is demanding greater  risk visibility into  true exposure, current maturity level, and the plan to get risk to an optimized  level.  They need dashboards and analytics to answer these questions so that they may increase visibility, improve decision making and drive accountability into day to day operating fabric. Executives are interested in how they compare to peers and how to leverage industry standards and frameworks so that policies are aligned with business imperatives.

At the business level, management and professionals struggle with multiple and conflicting views of exposure to assets, poor consensus on threats, vulnerabilities and business impacts. They are interested in understanding what to assess, how to do it more effectively, and gain higher confidence in results.  They need automated classification, business impact analysis and policy and information lifecycle management to do this.

We like to think of our capabilities as building blocks that together, realize a comprehensive end-to end- IT GRC program.

Usually, we begin with Strategy and Plans – Helping you develop Program Strategies, leverage Maturity Assessments built on vast and deep uses cases for security and risk management maturity states. This helps us focus the lens on high priority initiatives where we build the business case and develop the roadmap to take you from your current to target state.

Many times, we dive into engagement focused on Policies, Standards and Compliance – Here we help you align policies and controls with procedures and process with best practices and frameworks. We take an information-centric approach to risk and a risk–centric approach to security.  We take a pragmatic approach to do the right things well, such as enforce policies at point of use.

Often, we are asked to conduct assessments – We work with you to focused Risk and Compliance Assessments on the most critical business processes and the most sensitive information, in order to put boundaries around real exposures that matter the most to your organization.  We follow our assessment with controls analysis and recommendations.  We help you implement automated controls, often leveraging technologies where it makes sense. We help you streamline manual controls, bringing visibility and accountability into the risk management process. We are experts in architectures and technologies to manage risk and resilience.

Finally, we help our customers with Governance – Implementing Program Governance end to end with Risk Councils. We help with Incident Management, to improve operations and incidence response – so that you are prepared in the event of a crisis, disaster or breach.

Infrastructure Security Services

The way you need to monitor and manage your network and has changed over the past two decades. The infrastructure security space is fundamentally weak and organizations have no certainty that their systems and assets are secure.

Infrastructure Security Today:  Most organizations have focused their efforts building network defenses that have been perimeter-based, primarily at layers 3 and 4, and requiring signatures or a foreknowledge of an attack before action could be taken.

Threats Today:  The problem with this approach is that it just does not work when facing each day’s new threat landscape. Every iteration of these solutions has failed due to incomplete view of threat actors or threat vectors or inadequate answers to the tough questions associated with: insider threats and data leakage, 0 day and targeted malware and APTs, and all types of e-crime, fraud and cyber espionage activity

Something Better:  There is a critical and costly gap between security today and the threats you have faced over the last several years.  The security of infrastructure must evolve for organizations to effective combat this constantly changing threat landscape and be agile in order to deal with emerging risks and threats.

We can partner in securing your infrastructure by providing an approach that is being aggressively provided by security vendors across government, financial services, energy, high-tech and other sectors which have the greatest insight into the critical risks we described.

The flexible approach provides precise and actionable intelligence for your security team, and the agility to address security issues, as both your IT environment and the threat landscape evolve. It means that you can have the knowledge you need about any tough issue you are facing now, or that you may face down the road. We can help you in solving a wide variety of tough security problems, for example:

  • What critical threats are overlooked by my Anti-Virus and evading my Intrusion Detection?
  • Are files crossing the network that are using packing or other obfuscation technologies that may cause harm or steal sensitive data?
  • I am worried about targeted malware and APTs — how can I fingerprint and analyze all executable files that are entering my environment?
  • I want to ensure that the risks associated with insider threats are managed effectively — How do I improve visibility across end-user activity and network behavior?
  • How do I continuously monitor important security controls to always know if they are functioning as I implemented them?
  • How can I detect new variants of 0day malware on my network?
  • How can I walk through this incident as if had an HD network video camera recording it all?

Threats can come from outside the network perimeter (hackers) or from inside the network in the form of malicious insiders or careless users. Regulations and business requirements are more demanding than ever.

  • Malicious insiders
  • Careless users
  • New Web 2.0 and P2P technologies
  • Ever changing business requirements
  • Costly audit requirements
  • External attacks

All of these challenges lead the IT Staff, in particular, the security team, to feel significant pressure.

With our infrastructure security services expertise in System Security, Perimeter Security and Advanced Security, We can be a true infrastructure security partner for our customers through Consulting, Transformation and provide Support services to provide better value on investments.

  • System Security : Anti-X management, File integrity & application control, Host management
  • Perimeter Security: Network & application firewalls, IDS/IPS, Web Filtering, Incident


  • Advanced Security: APT, Threat Intelligence, Network and security audits and configuration management

Threat Management Services

Why partner with our Consulting and Support services for your below Threat Management Services

  • Network and Infrastructure Scans
  • Application and Network Penetration
  • Secure SDLC

Because we are truly focused on being your trusted guide as you meet your application security and network risk management challenges.

Our customer information-centric approach to threats and vulnerabilities embeds security, risk and provides resilience in every customer engagement – what you are seeing here today gives you insight into our security threat management credentials, but quite frankly, threat management is a component of everything we do – whether it is a new accounts opening process for a bank or a migration to virtualization for the IT dept. It is part of our working ethos.

We have deeply industry understanding in financial services, energy, public sector, telecommunications, media, retail, health care and life sciences. With our extensive threat and risk management resilience experience spans the enterprise functions: Finance, Operations, Legal, Information Technology and Security.

We have certified professionals, who can deliver projects with some of the most customer information approach across various intense organizations in the world – meeting challenges and requirements that are emerging with newly and yet to be found threats.