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Events & Sponsorhips

SunTechPros actively participates in Social and Sport events in Triangle area of NC.

We are continuously involved in helping projects that help improve our community. Recently SunTechPros joined hands with Cedar Fork Elementary, Morrisville, NC. PTA team. In their effort to upgrade school desktops and getting white boards for every class room. SunTechPros supported by providing funding and ultimately making Cedar forks technology challenge drive – May 2012 a huge success.


We support and Sponsor Cricket events and own the team “SunTechPros LIONS” in American Cricket Premier League (ACPL), a prestigious cricket league in North Carolina, USA.


1. American Cricket Premier League (ACPL):

 SunTechPros LIONS winner of American Cricket Premier League Champion Ships

  • Champions – 2012 Summer League
  • Champions – 2011 Major League
  • Champions –  2011 Fall League

2. Triangle Cricket League (TCL):

SunTechPros sponsored team MOCC Lions winner of Triangle Cricket League (TCL) Champion Ships

  • Champions – Year 2010
  • Champions – Year 2011