Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

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SunTechPros been an awesome experience for me as a employee with non-immigrant work status. I receive my payments on time and they  proactively take care of my immigration needs. The paper work is immaculate and no hassles whatsoever. Moreover they do take care of my professional future goals by reimbursing the fee for any training that I take and always give personal attention to my needs. I’m happy that I found SunTechPros as my employer”.

— Full time Employee working at Cisco Systems

“This is one of the very rare employer who stands for his employees in all aspects, be it their career or immigration matters or any thing you name it. Never had any issues with getting payments and you can guarantee yourself to have the pay check direct deposited in your account according to the time table which is sent at the time of joining the company. Now, how many can do it? “

— TK – Full Time Employee since last 4 years